Why When I grow up…?

Why when I grow up...?

When I grow up… community

We are creating a community of entrepreneurial young people, starters of positive change, who are ready to shape their environment and thus take responsibility for creating the future. Together we create an environment in which they can understand themselves and the world around them, live their dreams, learn by playing, develop their talents and be recognized by adults. We inspire them to thoughtfully and independently make decisions about starting their own business, continuing their career or schooling. We do this by organizing workshops on career guidance and entrepreneurship, teaching skills of the 21st century and networking young people with highly motivated professionals who are willing to share their time and knowledge with them on a 6-day summer camp When I grow up …

Our values and beliefs

We believe that every young person has the right to live their dreams. Together we look with positivity on everything. We encourage them to take responsibility for their actions, to be curious, to look for answers and new solutions. We believe in the value of cooperation with our partners through the program When I grow up … we encourage them to unlock their creative potentials and turn their ideas into positive actions.

Components of the program

Community –  we create  a community of entrepreneurial young people and connect them with motivated professionals

Education – we empower young people to make decisions about starting their own business, career progress or continuation of their education independently and thoughtfully

Promotion – we promote education for entrepreneurship and lifelong learning